At U Matter our wish to help everyone live healthier and more fulfilled lives. With that said, we realize there are many levels of addiction, diseases and medical conditions and the safety of our guests is our top priority. Our programs are designed as alternative methods of healing and include detox with the help of medical professionals. We do a thorough intake assessment composed of 2 parts, a medical assessment with a licensed medical doctor and a mental health assessment by a licensed mental health professional. Admission will be determined on a case by case basis to ensure the safety of all guests. 

Laptop and Cellphone use

At U Matter we understand that for some, taking time away from work completely for the duration of their program is not an option. We provide flexibility with our programs and can make accommodations for those that need it. We believe that being able to keep in touch with your family and support system is important in your healing journey.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Even though we have come a long way as a society, there is still a stigma when it comes to seeking help for self improvement, especially around substance use. At U Matter, we are committed to your privacy. We've created a non-judgmental and exclusive space to ensure full privacy and confidentiality.

What To Bring?

Bathing Suit (for sauna, tubs and soaks)

Electronics with chargers

Comfortable shoes & slippers

Workout/hiking shoes

Sandals for sauna and tubs

Medications with prescriptions (medications without prescriptions will be held until you

Comfortable loungewear

Workout Clothes / Hiking Apparel

Alcohol Free Hygiene Products

(we supply chemical free shampoo, conditioner, soaps and detergents) Laundry facility on site. any products containing alcohol will be held until you leave.

Non Permitted Items

At U Matter it is crucial to your recovery to fully follow our protocols for nutrition and health and therefore we do not permit outside food or drink on the premises of any kind at any time. 

No alcohol or illegal/ illicit substances are permitted on the premises

(bags will be checked for staff and guest safety)

No food delivery services of any kind will be permitted to deliver to the premisses

No one is allowed to leave the property except for activities provided and planned by U Matter 

No visitors at anytime

Electronics are not permitted during group activities or therapies