30 Day Residential Treatment Program

Our 30 day treatment program is not a conventional rehab treatment or detox program. We offer a dual detox for clients that need both a medical assisted detox while they go through withdrawal and a holistic detox to replenish and heal the gut, liver, kidney's, pancreas and other areas of the body that have been affected by substance use. We tailor the program to meet the individual needs of each client.

We do understand that each client's situation is unique and can work with and meet the client where they are at in the treatment journey. If you have experienced treatment in the past and feel like you didn't experience true healing, need a reset or have recently relapsed, please know you are not alone- take back the control and let us help you get back on track.

We utilize our non-invasive, innovative technologies, holistic detoxes and therapies to cleanse the body and mind on a deeper level. Through this strict program you will learn to curb your dependency on substances and instead utilize the modalities we teach you to navigate your life and struggles.

You will feel better, have a stronger mindset, be more disciplined, be kinder to your body’s needs and learn new ways of thinking to promote your overall well being.

Start your easiest recovery now!

What's included:

  • Private room
  • Detoxing meals and snacks
  • Health and diet education
  • Detoxifying herbal teas
  • Freshly prepared juice cleanses
  • Sauna
  • Ice plunge restoration therapy
  • Hydro jet Massage
  • Mineral infused detox clay body soaks
  • Instructed yoga and workouts
  • Electromagnetic stimulation therapies & more
  • Guided nature hikes
  • Specialty therapies

If you or a loved one has struggled in the past with finding treatment methods and did not find the desired solutions, we invite you to experience true healing with us.