Payment & Pricing

At U Matter we offer a fixed pricing policy. After the contract is signed, the cost of the
treatment program will never increase. Because everyone’s needs are different and we
have the ability to customize treatment options, pricing options differ.

The cost of the treatment is determined by:

1. Duration of the treatment program needed
2. The type of program needed
3. Additional/Special needs of the client

The program cost will always include all necessary elements:

1. Diagnostics and Evaluations
2. Program therapies
3. Program events
4. All facility amenities
5. Premium Class Accommodations
6. Alkaline Meals, Detoxifying Juices and proprietary teas.


Confidentiality is a significant concern hindering individuals from seeking treatment for substance use issues. The apprehension of facing societal stigma and potential repercussions to one's professional standing or reputation often deters those in need from seeking assistance. Many individuals fear adverse consequences if their decision to undergo rehabilitation becomes public knowledge.

A viable solution to address this predicament is the adoption of a private pay approach. Some individuals seeking rehabilitation are keen on ensuring the utmost confidentiality throughout their stay. Consequently, they opt to forego utilizing their insurance plans, choosing instead to cover their expenses through private payment methods.

When individuals use their healthcare plans, a tangible paper trail is inevitably created, rendering complete privacy protection unattainable. Conversely, opting for private pay ensures the absence of a digital footprint, thereby enhancing confidentiality.

We Offer a Private Pay Option

Individuals in prominent professions, such as public figures, celebrities, professional athletes, or high-level executives, place a premium on the privacy of their personal information when seeking help for substance-related issues.

Maintaining privacy is not limited to the rehabilitation stay itself; it extends to the sharing of deeply personal stories and emotions during treatment. Clients must be assured of comprehensive privacy, allowing them to focus on their recovery without concerns about the security of their information.

Choosing the private pay option adds an additional layer of security, offering peace of mind essential for concentrating on treatment. The assurance that one's rehabilitation stay cannot be traced or reported contributes to a more conducive treatment environment.

We Guaranty Enhanced Privacy Beyond the HIPAA Privacy Act

Rehabilitation centers typically adhere to legal protocols and provide access to their privacy policies upon request. Additionally, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) serves as a federal law safeguarding patient data, ensuring it is not released without proper authorization. Staff members undergo training to minimize access to patient information and uphold the standards set by HIPAA.

However, in the digital age, even with HIPAA in place, absolute privacy is not guaranteed. Opting for a private pay option remains the only foolproof method to ensure complete privacy and anonymity. The certainty that one can receive necessary treatment for a substance use disorder without the risk of exposure can be a decisive factor in seeking help and avoiding further decline.

For individuals or loved ones concerned about privacy, the private pay option at U Matter provides a solution where privacy is not only respected but also honored and safeguarded.

You deserve a luxury to choose your way of recovery!