At U Matter our programs are thoughtfully planned out to optimize your recovery and results! Everything you do, eat and drink is with a purpose and what you put in your body is an integral part of your program.

Our nutritionists and chefs, have compiled alkaline recipes to promote optimum detox and rejuvenation. Our balanced meals are delicious, gluten free, sugar free, grain free, dairy free and made with only the best ingredients. We use food as our medicine, and our diet alone will make you feel better, healthier, stronger, more energized and give you laser focus all while healing and detoxifying the body.

Proprietary Detox Juices

Our signature juice blends are made fresh daily in house. Detox juices are served in our tea and juice lounge throughout the day.  Some of the ingredients include, fresh cucumber, ginger, lemon, lime, celery, beets and more! Each ingredient is carefully selected for detox purposes and to give your body energy throughout the day. 

Medicinal Herbal Blends

Our signature herbal blends are made daily in house to ensure freshness and premium ingredients. The ingredients we use such as, burdock root, tulsi and dandelion root to name a few, are specifically used to target and heal and cleanse the liver and kidneys quickly and safely.