Addictions can manifest in various forms, and the symptoms may vary depending on the
specific type of addiction. We recommend taking a look into and self evaluating if someone
close to you questions your habits or asks if you have an issue with substances.

Here are some recognizable and common symptoms:

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Loss of Control:

  • Inability to cut down or control the use of the substance or engagement in the behavior despite repeated attempts.


  • Spending a significant amount of time thinking about, obtaining, or engaging in addictive behavior.


  • Needing more of the substance or engaging in more of the behavior over time to achieve the same desired effect.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Experiencing physical or emotional symptoms when not engaging in the addictive behavior or when attempting to cut down.

Neglect of Responsibilities:

  • Failing to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home due to the addictive behavior

Continued Use Despite Consequences:

  • Persisting in the addictive behavior despite knowing that it is causing physical, psychological, or interpersonal problems.

Loss of Interest in Other Activities:

  • Decreased interest or participation in previously enjoyed activities or social interactions.

Secrecy and Deception:

  • Engaging in secretive or deceptive behavior to hide the extent of the addiction from others.

Failed Attempts to Quit:

  • Unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control the addictive behavior, often leading to feelings of frustration and guilt.


  • Escalation of the addictive behavior over time, either in frequency or intensity.

Relationship Issues:

  • Strained relationships with family, friends, or colleagues due to the addictive behavior.


  • Intense desires or cravings for the substance or activity.

Financial Problems:

  • Experiencing financial difficulties due to spending money on the addictive substance or behavior.

Mood Swings:

  • Mood swings, irritability, or anxiety when not engaging in the addictive behavior.

Health Issues:

  • Physical health problems related to the addictive substance or behavior