The stats are in and alcohol’s reputation is crumbling! Millennials are turning their back on conventional alcohol consumption sparking the Sober Revolution. More and more people want to reduce or stop drinking alcohol and choose an alcohol-free lifestyle. Because it is, in fact, really bad for you! The benefits of sobriety- increased energy, clarity, focus and overall being healthier, seem to be outweighing the alcohol buzz. It is no longer being seen as the cool, hip or fun thing that it has been for many generations and instead being seen for what it actually is, a poisonous toxin and there is no safe dosage of it. 

The risks and harms associated with drinking alcohol have been systematically evaluated over the years and are well documented. Alcohol is a toxic, psychoactive and dependence-producing substance that has been classified as a modern times # 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer decades ago. Any beverage containing alcohol, regardless of its price and quality, poses a risk of developing multiple serious health issues including a variety of cancer. We cannot talk about a so-called “safe level” of alcohol use, because that doesn't exist. It doesn't matter how much you drink – the risk to the drinker’s health starts from the first drop of any alcoholic beverage. The more you drink, the more harmful it is, and no alcoholic beverage is less harmful than another.

So then, even with this information, why would anyone continue to drink?  Because breaking the cycle of what alcohol once was and the quick fix it gives, is hard for most people. Some individuals want to stop drinking but either can't find the willpower or it has become beyond their control. It takes power, it takes effort and it takes discipline to break bad harmful habits. The hardest part of changing what was controlling you for such a long time and pulling you back from things you love and value in life is overcoming the powerful subconscious craving and the immediate relief and temporary sense of happiness associated with that first glass of wine or shot of tequila. After all, for many it is an elixir and yet it is a poison. 

At U Matter, we understand your struggles to cope with anxiety, depression, the urgent tendency to use alcohol to escape or reduce negative thoughts like a sense of  flawed self in the eyes of yourself or others. Shame is a consistent risk factor for problematic drinking and a proximal trigger for excessive drinking, relapse and intensity of negative drinking-related outcomes. We get it. We are here for you to protect you from these negative emotions and feelings and help you to start loving and respecting yourself. 

If you’re struggling to stop drinking just remember you're not alone and it’s ok to ask for help. It is hard but you didn't get here in one day. It might feel like right now you cannot overcome this, and then you use that feeling as an excuse to continue poisoning yourself. Your body and soul are already tired of struggling, so if you don't have health issues right now, make no mistake, they are soon to come. If you haven't lost anything by now, a job, friends, family, hobbies you may be still enjoying,  you already know deep inside that you will if you don't make a change right now. 

No one can get sober for their jobs, their families, for their kids, or a partner, they have to do it for themselves. Be strong. Be grateful to yourself. Do it now, and we will help and support you on this journey. Call us today to speak with our consultants. It is free, no commitments, no obligations, no judgment. We are here to listen and help.