Mental Health & Addiction Holistic Recovery Center

After undergoing treatment in conventional rehabilitation centers and clinics that employ only 'traditional rehabilitation' methods, a patient may temporarily abstain from using toxic harmful substances. However, there are still unresolved psychological and health issues that have accumulated over the years.

At U Matter we provide a dual detox regimen. The first level is a safe, secure detox to assist with withdrawal symptoms and is supervised by our team of medical professionals. The second detox is a systematic detox that will eliminate all toxins from the body that have accumulated over years of abuse, using our holistic methods. Severe substance use causes liver, kidney, gut and pancreas dysfunctions that lead to serious health issues. This holistic detox will restore and rejuvenate your body from the inside out- you will definitely feel and see the difference.

Over intoxicated systems arising from
substance use can quickly manifest into chemical imbalances resulting in depression,
anxiety, irritability and a wide variety of serious health problems. When those individuals cannot find or are not taught healthy coping skills, these unresolved issues can trigger them to return to using alcohol or drugs for relief since that is what they have found effective for emotional and physical comfort in the past. Individuals may find themselves in this never ending struggle and cycle for years.

Typically, traditional rehab centers have a 4% success rate, but for some reason these
treatment methods have become the industry standard. These traditional medical and
psychological methods and therapies for treatment of addictions may work for that 4%,
but what about the other 96%? This is why we created U Matter, to break the cycle and
individuals how to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

If you or your loved ones have already undergone a course of treatment and
rehabilitation for alcoholism or substance use without achieving the desired result,
contact us at U MATTER. We offer a very different and innovative holistic approach that
actually works and can guarantee a successful recovery.

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U Matter started as a unique mental health and addiction rehabilitation concept to help heal those who have suffered from a life-changing event, use substances and can’t stop, feel hopeless, unmotivated and disinterested, worry excessively, or regularly engage in harmful behaviors, find it difficult to deal with grief or loss, or experience symptoms of unhealthy lifestyle choices like improper nutrition and lack of self care. These are the very elements that are depleted by a heavy-drinking or substance use lifestyle, thus why we offer our programs to those have suffered with substance use and want to reclaim their health and live healthy and more fulfilled lives.

Solution Focused Program

We created a natural, easy-to-follow, solution focused program to reclaim your mental health and curb cravings that plague people for weeks, months and even years after they stop unhealthy drinking, substance use or foods WITHOUT having to rely on toxic medications or stimulators. Your body is a natural healing machine and we often forget that, our goal is to help you unlock your body's natural healing powers.

Easy Recovery Process

Toxins like alcohol, drugs, processed foods and sugars cause serious nutrient deficiencies that can fly under the radar even long after you stop consuming them. Even the smallest amount of these substances is harmful to the body and brain causing long term side effects that western medicines can actually make worse overtime. Some symptoms include; Brain fog, gut issues, liver issues, pancreas issues, kidney issues, inflammation, IBS, hormonal issues, adrenal issues, anxiety, depression, memory loss, the decline or loss of serotonin and endorphin production, insomnia, weakened immunity system, bad skin and the list goes on.

Revolutionary Concept

Our programs will enhance your gut microbiome, liver function, nervous system and brain health on a cellular level. The result is the elimination of cravings for substances leading to natural energy promotion, improved focus and euphoria. Individuals who complete our programs routinely lose 3%-6% of their body weight and increase muscle gain, show signs of improved cholesterol levels, immunity support, improved gut health, higher energy and increased mental clarity.